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Since 2002, Sondra Rolison of Blitz Pet Professionals has been "Creating an Irreplaceable Human & Canine Connection”. Blitz Pet Professionals will develop your K9 partner and guide you in the relationship and training to guarantee a lifetime of understanding.

The Goal
The foundation for any successful partnership be it pet obedience, competition training, working dog sport or home security, begins with training and building the relationship you have with your pet.

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nuvetSondra is proud to be a distributor for Nuvet supplements. With her rescues
& personal dogs, especially her veteran Blitz, immediate results are evident. Sondra personally & professionally supports/endorses Nuvet Products!
Click on the logo for the flyer and please use the code provided, when ordering, to receive additional discounts through Blitz Pet Professional






Training Programs: Looking for something specific? More info here.
Looking for a dog to adopt? Blitz takes great
pride in their foster/training program.
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to see available dogs
Click here for success stories and testimonials from current and
past clients
Click here to see more of Sondra's dogs
including Twister (hand painted by Sondra
with tiger stripes for a photo shoot!).
Click here to see Sondra's newest addition "Mamba"

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